#1 Intelligent WAN Management Software

What is the XRoads intelligent WAN Firewall Solution? The world's first intelligent WAN firewall software which incorporates our patented session bonding technology for improved WAN performance and reliability. XRoads' intelligent WAN (iWAN) software can be installed on a number of widely available hardware systems, including Atom, Celeron, Pentium, as well as iSeries and Xeon platforms. The software can also be installed as an image on any virtual server solution including VMWare and XenServer.

XRoads intelligent WAN firewall enables our customers to deploy their own WAN management systems with built-in centralized control and reporting through our ZOOM portal. The ZOOM portal allows customers to deploy a large number of the sites while still being able to easily manage all of the sites through a simple to use web-based portal.

Use the links below to download the appropriate software based on your hardware, the software is available at no charge for 30-days of testing, after which time a license is required. You may purchase a license for software at any time via our online store. We highly recommend downloading the deployment guide as it provides a step-by-step process for installing the software.


UBM45v Software Image

This version is designed for Intel Atom/Celeron systems with at least 2GB of memory and a 32GB SATA harddrive. Licensed for up to 25 users, 100Mbps of bandwidth and up to 3 WAN connections. Includes all of the features listed below. Click Here to download.


UBM150v Software Image

This version is designed for Intel Pentium/iSeries systems with at least 4GB of memory and a 120GB SATA harddrive. Licensed for up to 500 users, 300Mbps of bandwidth and up to 5 WAN connections. Includes all of the features listed below. Click Here to download.


UBM1Gv Software Image

This version is designed for Intel Xeon systems with at least 8GB of memory and a 240GB SATA harddrive. Licensed for up to 1000 users, 1Gbps of bandwidth and up to 6 WAN connections. Includes all of the features listed below. Click Here to download.


Installation Documentation

Use this guide to assist with installing the XOSv image file on to your selected hardware. If you need further assistance you can always obtain installation support from XRoads Networks engineering team. Click Here to download.

XOSv Intelligent WAN Features

The XOSv software contains a number of modules. The following is a list of some of the primary features built-in to the XOS iWAN software, including a number of patented technologies not found in other products on the market today. For more information, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.


Accelibond Application Bonding

Unique bonding technology which combines multiple Internet connections (3Mbps + 5Mbps = 8Mbps) in order to dramatically accelerate web site downloads from one or more remote web server resources.


Intelligent WAN Vector Routing

Intelligent next generation vector routing technology which is designed to automatically adjust network routes as needed to optimize web traffic and prioritize web-based application performance and ensure 99.999% uptime.


Next Generation Web Firewall

The UBM firewall provides customers with the ability to replace or offset their existing firewall capabilities, specific web-based content filtering. The rules-based firewall enables the administrator to allow or deny traffic and/or log traffic based on URL for simplified troubleshooting.


Content Caching

Increase productivity for end-users by implementing the web caching module within the UBM platform. Web caching speeds up common file downloads and improves overall Internet performance. Speeds up cloud applications by caching common files like images and scripting code.


Transparent Installation

Easy and transparent web content filtering firewall solution, no changes to the existing IP addressing or the network configuration is required. The UBM platform includes a simple web interface which enables administrators to get up and running quickly.


Comprehensive Router

Built-in to each UBM appliance is a full set of standard network routing capabilities, including DHCP, VLANs, secondary interface addresses, static routing, RIP/OSPF routing, and XRoads’ specific routing algorithms.


Deep Path Internet Inspection (DPII)

Unique to the UBM platform, DPII performs a multitude of network tests in order to determine the status of each WAN link. This includes physical link detection, as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 testing to check each hop out to the Internet.


ActiveHA (ISP Failover)

In the event of a network outage, the UBM platform automatically detects and fails over to the remaining active connections. SLA reporting and deep path inspection constantly monitors link status.


ApeXfilter (Web Threat Protection)

Enterprise class web content filtering with built-in real-time filtering database, allow and deny lists, and category based filtering options. The UBM platform delivers the ultimate web filtering experience with MultiWAN optimization.


Best Path Routing (SLA Monitoring)

This network monitoring and dynamic routing technology ensures that mission critical application traffic always uses the best path by performing SLA and other testing to remote network resources.


Application Proxy (VNAT)

The UBM appliance utilizes its VNAT application proxy to provide inbound application load balancing and automated failover. Enables administrators to quickly setup fully redundant application delivery across multiple ISP connections.


Enhanced Session Persistence (ESP)

Unique to the UBM platform is its ability to perform ESP ensuring that critical application traffic, like SSL or VPN traffic, does not get reset due to a change in how traffic is routed (unlike other generic load balancing solutions).


Real-Time Traffic Reporting

The UBM platform includes real-time web usage and network reporting using our XFlow technology. XFlow monitors network traffic and reports on throughput, application usage, and top users via continuously updated graphs.



The UBM platform includes an unsurpassed level of customized reporting and management capabilities. XRoads Networks has developed a complete tool kit for customers, or they can use our own XOS Global Manager (XGM).