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XRoads Networks announces world's FIRST Bandwidth Management Firewall appliance

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 2, 2013) - XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, today introduced the world's first "bandwidth management firewall" solution designed to augment or replace existing firewall solutions. The new WEBaXcel appliance provides an innovative new solution for customers seeking to enhance their Internet security and accelerate their mission critical cloud-based applications using traffic shaping, caching, and link bonding techniques.

The new WEBaXcel solution is the industry's only firewall appliance that incorporates next generation threat intelligence by Webroot along with advanced traffic shaping and link bonding functionality provided by XRoads Networks' unique Accelibond and Adaptiband technology.

"The innovative firewall functionality of the WEBaXcel solution is derived from Webroot's cloud-based Threat Intelligence capabilities which incorporate unique machine learning technology called Maximum Entropy Discrimination (MED)," said Mr. French, Vice President of Business Development, XRoads Networks. "This technology reduces categorization errors to less than 2%, which is a breakthrough in the industry, and enables our customers to receive zero-minute protection, thus preventing phishing, spyware, and malware attacks."

The WEBaXcel bandwidth management firewall appliance incorporates:

- Web Threat Protection - Dynamic Traffic Shaping & QoS - Malware, Spyware, Virus Firewall - Application Caching & Acceleration - Multi-ISP Bonding & Failover

By using the advanced security capabilities of Webroot, and its next generation threat protection services powered by cloud intelligence, XRoads Networks is able to deliver a unique, next-generation firewall solution that's unmatched by the competition.

WEBaXcel also incorporates XRoads Networks dynamic bandwidth management technology called Adaptiband which automatically adjusts its QoS and throttling policies based on end-user utilization of the network and those applications which are considered critical by our customers.

With its application caching and link bonding technology the WEBaXcel firewall appliance speeds up network connectivity while reducing costs and enabling customers to stretch their connectivity budgets.

"Webroot is excited to partner with XRoads Networks to provide our security threat intelligence service which will enable XRoads to service two markets: Bandwidth Management utilizing Webroot's URL Content Classification service to easily allow users to block URL traffic by category, and traditional firewall services which also leverage Webroot's URL Content Classification service with a focus on blocking URLs known to be of malicious characteristics," said Scott Merkle, VP of Enterprise and OEM at Webroot.

XRoads Networks is proud to announce the world's first "bandwidth management firewall" which is specifically designed for the SMB market (20-500 users per site) with pricing starting at \$2995.00 for its 20Mb/3WAN/unlimited user version.

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About XRoads Networks, Inc.

XRoads Networks, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms. Deployed at over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, universities, and SMB organizations throughout the world, XRoads Networks provides a comprehensive bandwidth management and monitoring solutions for both corporate and branch office environments. More information about XRoads Networks is available at or by calling +1-888-997-6237.

XRoads Networks is the first company to deliver a fully integrated "bandwidth continuity" solution in its EdgeXOS platform, and is the inventor of triple A bandwidth management solutions Accelibond, Adaptiband, ActiveDNS, along with our XFlow and VPN Virtualization (Site2Site) technology.

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