We have deployed XRoads SD-WAN appliances to our customers main and remote offices, last week their service provider suffered a major outage, taking down many of the businesses in our city, but our customers stayed up and running thanks to XRoads Networks SD-WAN solutions. I can't say enough about how great it is to work with such a dedicated team. Additionally, our customer is saving over $1000 every month in telecommunication costs.

WAN Tunneling

Many of our customers have multiple branches, XRoads' SD-WAN platforms include high performance aggregated tunnel connectivity that combines multiple broadband circuits for faster and more reliable site-to-site connectivity.

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Patented dynamic throttling features ensure that our MSP partners and their customers get guaranteed bandwidth and QoS for their VoIP and cloud application deployments. Reduce costs, increase performance for end-users, and add an easy path for future bandwidth upgrades.

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WAN Reporting

XRoads SD-WAN portal provides simplified support via an easy to use single pane of glass management system. Show customers exactly how much bandwidth they are using and when. Quickly determine top applications and top users.

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