Network Visibility

One of the key benefits of the UBM appliances is that they provide in depth information regarding how your network is being utilized. This information includes both LAN and WAN usage, specific application usage, individual end-user usage, and policy-based usage.

XFlow Reporting Infographic

Learn how our XFlow Reporting Engine (XRE) improves network visibility.

How It Works

The UBM platforms utilize our XFlow Reporting Engine (XRE). The XFlow reporting engine acts as a network sniffer which collects and summarized usage information. As traffic traverses between the WAN and LAN interfaces it is counted and those counts are applied to the various metrics which are being collected.

Each shaping policies has its own metrics which are also collected. This allows network administrators to collect usage information about specific end-users and/or servers or other specific devices.

Additional metrics are gathered for common applications like http, smtp, ftp, and other highly utilized protocols. Customized protocols can also be configured for specific applications used by our customers.

The XFlow reporting also collects URL and site access information so that network administrators can easily see which sites end-users are going to and who is going to them.