Intelligent SD-WAN Appliances

Guaranteed BandwidthXRoads Networks was the first to develop an SD-WAN appliance with Unified Bandwidth Management. UBM is the combination of multiple intelligent WAN management capabilities in to a single platform. These capabilities include Broadband Link Aggregation, Session-Based Routing, Site2Site Split-Tunnel Bonding, Cloud-Based Security, and Dynamic QoS and Bandwidth Management.

XRoads Networks SD-WAN devices have built-in intelligence. All of the functionality is built-in to these appliances so that they can make routing and bandwidth management decisions locally, and not have to backhaul all of the traffic to a data center first. This is a significant advantage to XRoads Networks' deployment model.

What Makes XRoads Networks SD-WAN Devices Unique?

The XRoads Operating System (XOS) incorporates patented hybrid WAN technology which improves efficency for customers and does not require the backhauling of all customer traffic to a central aggregator at a third party data center.

Further, XRoads' SD-WAN platforms incorporate session-based link aggregation vs packet-based SD-WAN, along with advanced bandwidth management to guarantee bandwidth for business critical cloud applications.

Some additional unique capabilities include Vector Routing™, traffic shaping via multiple WAN dynamic throttling, intelligent WAN routing via Best Path Routing™ and split-tunnel bonding via Site2Site™ technologies.

XRoads Networks' ZeroOutages service was recently called an "evolutionary disruptor in the SD-WAN space" by Gartner Research.