Comprehensive Bandwidth Reporting

Optimized Reporting

XFlow™ Real-Time Usage Reporting

By using the the XFlow session monitoring and reporting system our customers can instantly see how much bandwidth they are using and see which applications are using the bulk of the bandwidth. With this information XRoads' can assist network administrators in developing shaping policies which will improve performance and reduce costs through more efficient WAN bandwidth utilization.

Preventing "Network Slowness" Issues

Guarantee Bandwidth for Critical Web Applications
Dynamic Bandwidth Management is the ability to automatically and dynamically throttle end-user application traffic in order to ensure fair distribution of web traffic and guarantee bandwidth for mission critical applications like VoIP, Citrix, RDP, and other real-time applications.

DBM allows network administrators to set pre-defined bandwidth levels to guarantee network resources for critical applications. This means that applications like VoIP will always have the bandwidth they need to complete calls without interruption or dropped packets. Additional prioritization can be assigned to these critical applications to ensure that they receive the fastest queuing even when the network is fully utilized.

Automatically Throttle Abusive Web Traffic
DBM will automatically throttle end-user traffic which exceeds pre-defined levels and ensure that mission critical applications always get the bandwidth they need. While other "traffic shaping" solutions must identify every possible application in order to shape it, DBM instead identifies traffic based on session flows. This means that unlike other "traffic shaping" solutions, the EdgeXOS platform can automatically throttle ANY application as soon as it comes out.

Session Monitoring & Web Site Prioritization
Instead of attempting to constantly modifying our application database to match every change to each peer-to-peer and recreational application on the market, this new approach allows the EdgeXOS to dynamically manage any application based on session utilization information.