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XRoads Networks Introduces Its OEM Managed Services Platform (MSP100)

IRVINE, CA. August 23, 2014 - XRoads Networks, the leading developer of unified bandwidth management solutions, has announced the latest release of its MSP100 platform. Available for immediate release, the MSP100 is a complete Managed Services Platform which is offered as an OEM hardware or software (virtualized) platform.

Competitive Advantages:

The MSP100 is designed for the MSP/ISP market and includes features and benefits not found in most other bandwidth management and security appliances, including dyanmic shaping, link bonding, and cloud-based application filtering. Further, the MSP100 can be combined with XRoads Networks ZOOM service which provides for simply global management of each MSP100 platform. At XRoads Networks, when it comes to serving the MSP industry, "We Get IT".

The MSP100 product is an affordable, easy to configure, managed appliance for MSPs/ISPs and other organizations which are looking to deploy managed network services to their customers, typically between 10 and 500 end-users per location.

The MSP100 provides a turn-key, full featured, MSP appliance that can be deployed via modules without increase in cost or complexity (deploy firewall & VPN management today, and traffic shaping with data compression tomorrow).

Built-In Features:

- A complete deep packet inspection firewall with session tracking, DoS protection, application filtering, and intrusion prevention system. - A complete multi-WAN network link bonding device with the ability to provide both inbound and outbound network failover (with ActiveDNS). - A complete VPN solution with multi-VPN bonding and automated failover capabilities for high availability between sites and built-in data compression. - A complete network monitoring and management solution with WAN usage reporting, application usage reporting, traffic flow monitoring and much more. - A complete traffic management solution with the ability to throttle P2P traffic, and control each individual end-user based on max/min bandwidth rate-limiting. Additional capabilities include application rate-limiting to improve application throughput and ensure faster response times for mission critical services. - This solution is easy to configure via both web and SSH CLI and includes full syslog, email alert, and SNMP reporting.

Centralized Remote Management / Monitoring via our ZOOM services provides easy web based remote management and a single point of visibility to all of your deployments and provides automated WAN reporting from the MSP100 units in the field.

About XRoads Networks, Inc.

XRoads Networks, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms. Deployed at over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, universities, and SMB organizations throughout the world, XRoads Networks provides a comprehensive bandwidth management and monitoring solutions for both corporate and branch office environments. More information about XRoads Networks is available at or by calling +1-888-997-6237.

XRoads Networks is the first company to deliver a fully integrated "bandwidth continuity" solution in its EdgeXOS platform, and is the inventor of triple A bandwidth management solutions Accelibond, Adaptiband, ActiveDNS, along with our XFlow and VPN Virtualization (Site2Site) technology.

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