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XRoads Networks delivers web acceleration and content filtering for the exclusive Jonathan Club in Los Angeles (Hospitality Bandwidth Management)

IRVINE, CA. January 15, 2014 - XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, has deployed its unique web acceleration and content filtering solution to the famous Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Jonathan Club is a private social club with a rich and progressive history. Founded in 1895, the Club's diverse member base enjoys dining, athletics and wellness facilities, spa services, social events and award shows.

See our case study with Jonathan Club here:

Jonathan Club utilizes our solutions for web acceleration and content filtering. The content filtering solution is unique in its ability to filter all applications and not just web sites. Our ApeXfilter also blocks critical viruses, malware, and spyware across a broad range of applications, include web, SSL, FTP, and many others.

Our adaptive filtering works via our partnership with Webroot. The filtering continuously searches the Internet for sites which are hosting inappropriate and/or dangerous content to our customers. The ApeXfilter allows the Jonathan Club to protect its guest and keep its Internet connection up and running.

"The new XRoads Networks appliance offers a well-rounded feature set that includes WAN link bonding with automated failover, a robust Firewall. In our fast moving hospitality organization having an easy to configure and manage firewall / load balancer with all of these technologies at our fingertips is essential to our systems security and our team's success." Chas Boyer, Jonathan Club

With XRoads Networks' Jonathan Club is not only able to achieve better content filtering, i.e. blocking sites which other solutions did not catch, but due to the EdgeXOS' unique link bonding functionality, is able to put off a bandwidth upgrade and instead utilize the bandwidth from its backup connection to significantly speed up web access to the Internet.

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XRoads Networks, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms. Deployed at over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, universities, and SMB organizations throughout the world, XRoads Networks provides a comprehensive bandwidth management and monitoring solutions for both corporate and branch office environments. More information about XRoads Networks is available at or by calling +1-888-997-6237.

XRoads Networks is the first company to deliver a fully integrated "bandwidth continuity" solution in its EdgeXOS platform, and is the inventor of triple A bandwidth management solutions Accelibond, Adaptiband, ActiveDNS, along with our XFlow and VPN Virtualization (Site2Site) technology.

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