Intelligent WAN Optimization


Improve WAN Performance and Reliability

XRoads' has designed its iWAN software to work with standard off-the-shelf hardware so that anyone can easily deploy an intelligent WAN solution for their organization. The XOS iWAN software is designed to provide an extensive array of WAN management capabilities. The core objective of any XOS iWAN installation is to achieve reduced network costs for our customers, through improved utilization of their existing bandwidth and preventing possible network outages.

WAN Efficiency

Bandwidth Scalability
The XOS iWAN software enables organizations to have more flexability in their Internet connectivity, this means that even if you are in contract, you can still add/update/change your existing connectivity without having to reconfigure your entire network. Further, with the XOS iWAN platform network administrators can look to use less expensive broadband connectivity over expensive T1 and MPLS connections.

Intelligent WAN Bonding & Best Path Routing
With XRoads' iWAN software you get unique network optimization with our session bonding and Internet acceleration functionality. These next generation link aggregation and load balancing capabilities dramatically improve performance for your mission critical applications. Further, our best path technology automatically tests each available network path (WAN link) to determine which link is the best for each critical applications.

Network Caching
Each XOS iWAN software solution incorporates caching functionality which improves the performance for end-users by caching commonly accessed files, like PDFs, images, and other web content. The caching functionality is scalable based on the amount of memory available within the hardware to which the software is installed.