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WAN Load Balancer

A WAN load balancer is critical for organizations that demand extremely high reliability and top network performance. There are many benefits why an organization should implement a WAN load balancer, several include the ability to aggregate two or more broadband connections (which can be increased up to 6 broadband links), redundancy to ensure ultimate reliability, faster performance and an overall lower cost. A WAN load balancer is an excellent way to ensure that your network stays up and running, in many cases achieving 99.999% uptime so that your organization doesn’t have to worry about lost productivity. A WAN load balancer not only delivers these many benefits, but ensures that your network receives proper and balanced networking sessions keeping web hosted applications up and running efficiently. [Read More]

Link Load Balancing

Link load balancing is simply the method of providing a single internet connection from multiple providers. For organizations that require maximum performance, high bandwidth for a large number of file transfers and busy networks that must consistently maintain high reliability, this type of solution is quite effective. Link load balancing is usually quite straightforward to implement for almost any type of organization. Since link load balancing helps manage several backend servers redundancy, reliability and productivity usually is increased. [Read More]

Dual WAN Router

Dual WAN Routers are the perfect solution for millions of businesses in the US that rely on a broadband internet connection to conduct business, communicate with others and share large data files. With so many regions in the US with more than one available broadband internet connection available, many businesses including small enterprises are combining more than one broadband technology (cable, DSL and satellite) with the help of a dual WAN router. A dual WAN router simply makes it possible for an organization or individual to have two simultaneous broad band connections. There are many advantages to this network set up including; the redundancy factor which ultimately raises online access reliability, improved speed and performance and a relatively affordable price. [Read More]

VOIP QOS: Technology to Ensure Quality Communications

VOIP QOS simply means the quality of service your voice over internet protocol service or software offers your business or organization. Businesses have found that the low cost and easy implementation of VOIP service can save them thousands of dollars a year in both domestic and international calls. While at first VOIP rolled out slowly, as more and more innovations to this technology have been made and many companies started offering and marketing it aggressively, many businesses are now seriously looking into this technology as a solution for their communications. [Read More]

Bandwidth Management Appliance

Whether you are a small enterprise or a small or medium sized business, you can take advantage of the many bandwidth management appliances available. These bandwidth management appliances make it easy to tackle the many problems that face networks today. For instance, with many bandwidth management appliances, a business is able to shape and monitor network traffic, combine layer 7 packet classification and easily balance traffic across multiple internet connections- all with one appliance. [Read More]

VPN Redundancy

VPN (virtual private networks) are invaluable network links that allow your important customers and associates to access your network from outside. While an intelligently designed VPN offers security, reliability and performance, ensuring that your VPN is up and running at all times is critical. In some of the better VPN redundancy systems, platforms utilize automatic failover/failback systems to ensure that remote users stay connected, reducing loss of productivity and significantly minimizing network outage. [Read More]

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