Secure Remote Office Connectivity


Site2Site™ Remote/Branch Optimization Solutions

Improve performance and reliability while maintaining encrypted security to branch locations. Our Site2Site solutions can accelerate connectivity between offices and enable inexpensive scalability using low cost broadband connectivity. Alternatively customers with existing private and/or MPLS connectivity can offload traffic using broadband connectivity.

Uniuqe Site2Site Acceleration

XRoads' solution incorporate both caching and our patented site-to-site acceleration techniques in order to improve productivity for remote users and ensure reliable access to core applications from each of your branch locations. Use two or more Internet links in order to increase bandwidth between branches and enable simple scalability utilizing DSL, cable, wireless or other broadband connectivity.

Site2site Diagram

Our Site2Site™ technology incorporates enhanced security capabilities to protect data as it traverse the links between sites. The technology works by establishing two or more tunnels across each Internet link and then rrouting session traffic across those tunnels in order to increase network bandwidth between the sites.

Special rules can be added to enable the distribution of traffic between the various tunnels in order to optimize how the available bandwidth is being used. For customers that deploy MPLS they can establish a backup tunnel via an Internet link which can be set to automatically turn up in the event that the MPLS link fails, thus ensuring 24/7 access to branch locations.