"Businesses today are becoming ever more reliant on the Internet. This reliance is pushing them to harden their Internet connectivity through multiple ISP connections. XRoads Networks has developed an intelligent and cost effective solution for businesses to deploy network redundancy and session-based link bonding."
David M.
Vice President
Cox Business Services
"The XRoads product is excellent, we evaluated a number of solutions and chose the EdgeXOS platform. It has the feature set and functionality that we have been looking for and it has features that we didn't think we could find in a single appliance."
Margaret T.
IT Director
US Trade & Commerce
"We have been exceedingly happy with the XRoads Networks products. Our network has been fast and stable and their support team has always been their to assist when needed." Layton has been a valued customer for over 8 years and has recently upgraded their equipment to our newest platforms.
Patrick U.
Network Administrator
Layton Printing