VoIP Assurance

Improve the quality of your Voice over IP calls while ensuring the same level of reliability that you have come to expect from plain old phone telephone services. Supports all SIP-based VoIP services (Vonage®, Packet8®, etc)

Without The Edge Platform

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How important is your phone service? The cost of having a few phone lines around simply for backup purposes and adding a secondary broadband connect are the same. Why not have both VoIP reliability and VoIP QoS for better call quality?

Why Pay More?
VoIP is a wonderful technology, however when deploying VoIP the costs for ensuring reliability must be taken into account. Even for small offices, the cost of maintaining several additional phone lines can be up to $50 per month. In many areas the cost for an additional broadband connection is less than $25 per month, and with an extra broadband connection you get better call quality and instant failover in the event of a link outage.

With The Edge Platform

    VoIP Reliability w/QOS

The Edge platform automatically detects SIP-based calls using its FlowTraker technology. By identifying this traffic the Edge can determine the best path for a particular call and guarantee its quality by setting the appropriate prioritization and traffic shaping parameters for the stream.

VoIP Bandwidth Control
Whenever a new VoIP stream begins the Edge platform is able to partition that traffic so that other less critical applications do not interfere with the call quality.

VoIP Prioritization
By default, all VoIP traffic is given priority queuing through the Edge platform and can be marked with DiffServ tagging so that routers down the line provide greater preference to the VoIP packets.

VoIP PBX Monitoring
With the ability to identify the VoIP PBX within the network the Edge platform can also assign dedicated bandwidth to the PBX in order to provide even greater call quality guarantees and monitor calls to ensure that they are receiving the bandwidth they need.