MSP Partnerships

Since 2010 businesses of all shapes and sizes have been deploying cloud-based services, including VoIP. The problem is that many of these same businesses do not have the network infrastructure to support those services. The purpose of SD-WAN is to address these infrastucture issues and put the horse back in front of the cart.

XRoads Networks has developed its technology over the last 15 years. In the process XRoads has been issued multiple SD-WAN patents and had those patents tested in US Federal Court, and won. What this means is that our MSP partners are protected and have a long-term and viable solution for their customers.

SD-WAN Hardware

XRoads' appliances incorporate our XOS (XRoads Operating System) and the full UBM feature set. These features are enabled based on the services ordered or are all included if the hardware is purchased outright. XRoads' provides warranty coverage and Level2/3 support on all equipment regardless of whether it is purchased or rented.

SD-WAN Portal

The portal is primarily designed to simplify support. Our MSP partners use the portal to easily track issues and gather information about their customers networks, how they are being used, and how to optimize them to run more efficiently. After a short training session our MSP partners become certified and are granted administrative access to those platforms under their management.

SD-WAN Support

XRoads Networks provides its MSP partners with support through its ZeroOutages services division. When our MSP partners call for Level2/3 support they will be connected to a ZeroOutages network operation center. XRoads Network offers several options, as detailed here: Under options 1 and 2, the MSP partner provides Level1 support, under option 3, ZeroOutages provides Level1 support as well. Ongoing support ensures hardware warranty and free hardware replacement in the event of any appliance issues.