Purchasing Equipment vs Renting Equipment

XRoads Networks MSP partners have several options when it comes to delivering SD-WAN solutions.

  • Purchase the SD-WAN hardware outright and pay a small monthly/annual support fee.
  • Resell ZeroOutages SD-WAN servcies where the hardware is included as part of the monthly/annual support fee.
  • Refer customers to the ZeroOutages SD-WAN servcies and be compensated in monthly comissions.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages but the right option typically depends on the MSP's existing business model. MSP's that typically sell hardware select option 1, MSP's that have a mix of hardware sales and support services select option 2, and MSP's that have converted to the network-as-a-service model will typically select option 3. Whatever your preferred option, XRoads Networks and the ZeroOutages team is here to assist in turning up SD-WAN solutions for your customers.