Server Load Balancing

The EdgeXOS platform incorporates both link balancing and simple server balancing into the same platform along with built-in traffic shaping and application prioritization. Additionally, the EdgeXOS platform supports inverse session acceleration via the use of our patented MSA technology to create more efficient content and application delivery systems.

Scaling Application Services

XRoads Networks' EdgeXOS platform allows our customers to quickly and easily improve connectivity to critical applications by spreading inbound connection requests across two or more application servers. Any TCP-based application can be evenly balanced across up to 10 different servers. Servers are monitored in real-time for potential outages which would automatically bring that server out of production. Each server has its traffic evenly distributed via our round-robin proxy, however if over-loading or other complex weighting or server load distribution is required, XRoads Networks works with a number of server load balancer partners that we can recommend.

SVLB Methods

SVLB Features

  • Easy Setup
  • Round-Robin Balancing
  • Weighted Balancing
  • Session Persistance
  • Multiple ISP Support

Server Vector Load Balancing is the ability to balance connectivity across multiple WAN links and across multiple servers. When implemented in conjunction with our server load balancer partners the ActiveDNS and SVLB modules can significantly acceleration content and application delivery performace, taking advantage of XRoads Networks patented multi-session acceleration and caching technology. At the same time, this solution increases throughput and reliability for inbound network sessions. By combining these features XRoads Networks delivers a more efficient application delivery system for e-commerce providers and other businesses which host their own content.

The EdgeXOS's built-in server load balancing techniques are designed to be simplistic, i.e. easy to configure and manage with simple round-robin balancing. While the EdgeXOS may not include all of the capabilities as some other server load balancing solutions (such as over-loading or complex multi-server weighted routing), we do have capabilities not found in other solutions, including:

  • ISP Balancing & Failover
  • Real-Time ActiveDNS Management
  • Inverse Multi-Session Acceleration
  • Content & Application Caching
  • and Built-In Traffic Shaping

How Does It Work

Our server load balancing solutions work by excepting inbound server requests on one or more WAN links and then balancing those requests across the various defined servers. Servers are monitored for uptime and removed automatically from the balancing algorithm if an outage is detected.

Server sessions are balanced in a round-robin order or can be weighted through DNS manipulation by the administrator. The weighting must be done by the DNS, the EdgeXOS appliance does not support "over-loading" of multiple servers. The built-in server load balancing performed by the SVLB module is simply a round-robin proxy. If over-loading or more complex server balancing is required XRoads Networks recommends placing a server load balancer between the EdgeXOS appliance and the internal server farm, we work with a number of server load balancer partners that we can recommend.

The ActiveDNS module focuses on directing the inbound connections across multiple WAN links as needed. For more information on how the ActiveDNS module works, please reference that section of the XRoads Networks website.

Inbound connections are balanced between WAN links via our ActiveDNS technology using pre-defined administrative weights, then sessions can be balanced across various servers using our round-robin TCP proxy. The EdgeXOS appliance does not support over-loading, or other complicated server balancing, for that functionality a dedicated server balancer is required.