How Site2Site Tunnels Work

XRoads Networks offers the next generation in WAN optimization solutions using our unique Site2Site technology. Site2Site incorporates a number of end-to-end office connectivity techniques in to a single fast, reliable, and optimized solution.

The core of our Site2Site technology includes the ability to dynamically build two or more tunnels between at least two sites. These tunnels can be bonded for faster throughput between sites and can automatically failover in the event one of the paths between the sites should become unavailable.

Download our Site2Site whitepaper here: Site2Site VPN Optimization

Next Generation WAN/VPN Optimization

The Site2Site tunnel technology performs a site-to-site IP Layer connection, which means that any IP-based traffic can be used across these tunnels. When the tunnels are bound to each other via the EdgeXOS web GUI session balancing is performed in order to increase throughput and allow for application offloading.

It is important to note that the EdgeXOS appliance performs session based packet aggregation for this process and thus potential site-to-site latency is significantly reduced. The Site2Site tunnels also support the 3DES encryption standard to ensure secure communications between offices. Finally each tunnel can be configured with data compression enabled so that non-compressed traffic is accelerated.

A Site2Site tunnel can be connected between two or more sites in either a one-to-one, many-to-many, or one-to-many failover architecture, however it is important to note that at no time does XRoads Networks provide the ability to aggregate or bond two or more tunnels together which use different levels of security and/or encryption. This distinction means that our products provide more consistant latency and jitter across all available Site2Site tunnels. Each tunnel terminates to its own WAN interface, so between two sites tunnel one connects to WAN1 and tunnel two connects to WAN2. By connecting the tunnels in this way organizations can create fully redundant office-to-office solutions.

In some instances an organization may be using a private link or MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) to provide connectivity between offices, but are looking for an inexpensive failover solution. The EdgeXOS platform provides just such a solution by allowing existing point-to-point or MPLS traffic to pass-through the appliance and test for a private link outage. If an outage is detected, the EdgeXOS platform will automtically bring up a Site2Site tunnel to the remote office over an Internet-based link (DSL, cable, wireless, etc).