Patent Portfolio

XRoads Networks has developed a number of features which are unique to the EdgeXOS platform and which have been patented or are patent pending. These technologies primarily relate to improving the efficiency of WAN connections via session-based bonding and throttling optimization techniques. Outlined below are a few of the 11+ patents filed around these technologies:

Multi-Session Acceleration

A method for speeding up data downloads across the Internet, using session-based bonding, for downloading remote data files and then establishing multiple concurrent sessions which balance the download of the remote data in multiple segments across two or more available wide-area network (WAN) links.

Stratified Tunnel Sequencing (Site2Site)

A method for combining tunnels between two or more local area networks with at least partially parallel connectivity for applications between these sites. The method comprising of two tunnel controllers, one operating as a server and the other as a client, which establish and terminate the tunnels across two or more available more WAN links and aggregates session-based traffic to ensure faster and more reliable connectivity between the LANs.

Dynamic MultiWAN Session Throttling

A method for prioritizing network traffic and setting bandwidth guarantees for applications which are defined by the network administrator as critical. Dynamic session-throttling will automatically show down non-critical traffic by inducing latency for those applications which has the affect of allocating more bandwidth for critical applications.

Vector Routing & ActiveDNS

A device used to combine two or more diverse network paths to increase the amount of bandwidth available both to and from external networks and a local network by dividing session traffic between the network paths and provide for redundancy in the event of a network path failure by determining overall diverse path loads and availability.

Best Path Routing

A method used to determine the most optimal network path to a specific remote network and direct session traffic over the optimal path to that remote network when two or more diverse network paths are available.

SSL Acceleration

A method for speeding up SSL applications across the Internet by establishing multiple consecutive sessions across multiple wide-area network (WAN) connections to a remote server via an initial single client session where said session is encapsulated and transmitted across two paths at the same time to improve network performance and redundancy.