Unified Bandwidth Management™

XRoads Networks specializes in comprehensive and intelligent WAN (wide-area network) solutions. Our Unified Bandwidth Management™ (UBM) platforms include our unique dynamic bandwidth management, session bonding, and site-to-site VPN virtualization technology which is designed to improve responsiveness, reliability and security of business critical applications.

Unified Bandwidth Management image

Flexible and Intelligent WAN Solutions

Guaranteed Bandwidth CheckAt XRoads Networks, we produce comprehensive WAN (wide-area network) management solutions and specialize in WAN management platforms. Our enterprise class EdgeXOS platform incorporates our Unified Bandwidth Management™ (UBM) technology, including our unique bandwidth management and session-based bonding functionality, in order to improve Internet and site-to-site performance by efficiently using all of our customers available bandwidth. Unified Bandwidth Management translates to fully utilizing your network resources and prioritizing bandwidth through one or more network connections.