MultiTenant Solutions

XRoads Networks patented link bonding technology accelerates performance for multiple offices in multitenant facilities.

Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Retirement Communities, Hospices, and Long-Term Care Facilities are a few examples of MultiTenant facilities. The key to every one of these facilities it the need for fast and reliable Internet access. The EdgeXOS platform delivers this through the use of multiple inexpensive broadband links and our unique link bonding capabilities which turn a 3Mbps and a 5Mbps in to 8Mbps. Additionally, the EdgeXOS platform includes automated bandwidth shaping to ensure that each end-user gets fair an equal bandwidth allocations which prevents P2P or YouTube videos from taking up all of the network resources.

MultiTenant Solutions Guide

Find out how to improve your sites network connectivity with XRoads Networks.

Why The EdgeXOS?

The EdgeXOS platform keeps multitenant facilities up and running. With fast link bonding and equalized bandwidth allocation your customers will longer call to complain about "slowness" or that "the network is down". Automated failover, link bonding, and dynamic bandwidth management.

Web Bonding w/Acceleration (MSA)

Provide internal users with true link bonding across two or more broadband connections in order to acces remote sites utilizing specialized caching and session splitting techniques which improves overall throughput and responsiveness.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM)

Automatically shape network traffic so that each end user gets fair and equal access to the available bandwidth. Prevent P2P users from slowing down other users, gurantee VoIP, Citrix, and other critical applications get the bandwidth they require.

Active Network Redundancy (ActiveHA)

Maintain 99.999% uptime using our network probing and deep path inspection technologies.

How To Implement?

The EdgeXOS platform is typically implemented in one of two ways, either placed in "NAT Mode" in which all traffic is NAT'd between the WAN links and the LAN switch, or placed in "Bridge Mode" where the WAN1 traffic is bridged through to the LAN switch, this means that the LAN is enable to communicate directly with the WAN1 routers gateway IP address without any changes to the existing network. Any additional WAN routers would be NAT'd and/or proxy'd by the EdgeXOS appliance.

Which Products?

The EdgeXOS platform comes in two forms, a fully licensed version called the UBM series, and a solution specific version called 'aXcel'. The 'aXcel' solution is designed to be scalable and can be license upgraded and typically has a lower entry price point vs. a similar UBM solution.