SD-WAN Onsite Intelligence

The XRoads Networks solutions incorporate its Vector Routing and SD-wAN intelligence in to its customer premise UBM appliances. The definition of SD-WAN is the ability to combine multiple broadband circuits, i.e. Cable, DSL, wireless, fiber, metro Ethernet, etc. XRoads Networks appliances are designed to combine up to six different wide-area network links, both public (Internet) and private (MPLS/T1/Etc). Built around this core functionality is our unique Best Path Routing, Policy Routing, Application Routing, Cloud-Based Security and Dynamic QoS and Bandwidth Management capabilities.

Accelibond Infographic

Learn how our unique and patented session-based bonding technology works.

Our latest SD-WAN appliances are designed to sit in front of an existing firewall or to replace it. When sitting in front of the firewall, the XRoads Networks SD-WAN appliance acts as the WAN gateway for the firewall and forwards any inbound connectivity to the firewall (allowing for remote management and server access). This solution allows MSP partners with existing firewall deployments to easily add SD-WAN to improve WAN connectivity across multiple links.