Intelligent WAN Routing

The UBM appliances were built from the start to support multiple WAN interfaces. Built around this core functionality is our unique Internet Bonding, Best Path Routing, Policy Routing, Application Routing, and ActiveDNS capabilities, only XRoads Networks has this degree of MultiWAN management.

Accelibond Infographic

Learn how our unique and patented session-based bonding technology works.

Our latest WANaXcel appliances are designed as an add-on to existing firewall solutions that lack our unique session-based bonding technology. This solution allows customers with existing firewall solutions to add session-bonding which improves http and ssl traffic when using either a single or multiple Internet connections.

Patented Internet Bonding

Unqiue bonding technology allows customers to combine multiple wide-area network links in order to increase download throughput without having a device at the opposite end, which is required for all other forms of network bonding.