SD-WAN Virtual IP Services

XRoads Networks, through its ZeroOutages services division, offers enterprise customers a Virtual IP service. With this service organizations can utilize a single IP address which can be used in conjunction with multiple broadband Internet links. With a Virtual IP address the customer can use the same address no matter which service provide is active. This service is specifically useful when a customer has multiple Internet links for redundancy on their hosted VoIP services and/or VPN services.

How It Works

The service works by utilizing the XRoads Networks SD-WAN appliance to setup tunnels back to one of ZeroOutages data centers. When a customer orders this service, a Virtual IP is assigned for the end-customer and the SD-WAN appliance is configured with the appropriate tunnel information in order to bond the Virtual IP to the associated tunnel and data center. All of this is done by ZeroOutages support team, making the setup very easy for the enterprise customer.

Once deployed any hosted VoIP and/or VPN traffic is directed across the ZO-IP tunnels, only this traffic is routed to the data center, all other traffic is routed directly out the local Internet links. If inbound services are orderd, the customer can also point any inbound application traffic to the virtual IP address. This traffic will be directed through the ZO-IP tunnel as well back to the customers firewall and/or server. In the event that one of the customers WAN links fail, all of the application traffic using the ZO-IP service will be automatically redirected across the working connection, again using the same Virtual IP address.