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XRoads Networks Announces BGP Optimization Solutions

IRVINE, CA. March 2, 2014 - XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, has released its latest UBM platforms with the ability to optimize BGP environments through the use of its patented Accelibond technology.

Accelibond allows enterprise customers with an existing BGP network to fully utilize each available WAN interfaces. Unlike standard BGP solutions which are designed for failover, not dynamic network routing, the Accelibond technology can actually combine the bandwidth speed of each active network connection in order to dramatically improve the download performance for end-users.

If you have an existing BGP configuration, with two or more Internet links, XRoads Networks allows you to take full advantage of those connections.

The Border Gateway Protocol enables enterprise organizations to quickly failover in the event of an ISP outage, however this protocol lacks the functionality to balance traffic between the links, thus only the primary link gets fully utilized, the secondary link(s) are typically not used at all, or there are a few static routes across those links.

XRoads Networks Accelibond technology allows enterprise customers to take full advantage of all of their bandwidth by combining the speed of each of their ISP connections which translates to higher efficiency and improved performance for end-users.

Please visit the Products and Technology sections of the XRoads Networks website to find out more about how our vWAN Optimization can assist your organization with improved reliability and performance while reducing costs.

About XRoads Networks, Inc.

XRoads Networks, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms. Deployed at over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, universities, and SMB organizations throughout the world, XRoads Networks provides a comprehensive bandwidth management and monitoring solutions for both corporate and branch office environments. More information about XRoads Networks is available at or by calling +1-888-997-6237.

XRoads Networks is the first company to deliver a fully integrated "bandwidth continuity" solution in its EdgeXOS platform, and is the inventor of triple A bandwidth management solutions Accelibond, Adaptiband, ActiveDNS, along with our XFlow and VPN Virtualization (Site2Site) technology.

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